When talking about international express services, currently, KTO Logistics,. JSC is one of the leading partners of DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc. In addition, we also have our own express delivery routes to ensure that all customer needs are met. KTO Logistics., JSC is confident to provide enough experience to be able to provide you with express delivery solutions. Our international express service will not only bring you the most optimal and economical shipping solutions but also update all information about your shipment at all points of time.

Items that can be sent by international express:

  • Mail, parcels, papers, important documents
  • Goods for export, import and trade business
  • Luggage, utensils such as clothes, shoes, bags…
  • Sample goods, handicrafts…
  • Electronic products, electronic components, computers, phones…
  • For powder, liquid, chemical, and battery-powered goods, we will provide you with detailed packing instructions upon shipment.

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In general, international shipping can send almost all items except for prohibited items, flammable and explosive goods, and items that are dangerous to human life.