Express to Germany

Germany is the industrial center of Europe and is the largest exporter in the world, than both the US and China. Germany is one of the largest trade partner of Vietnam in Europe and is also an important transit gateway of Vietnam goods to other markets in Europe. The expansion and development of electronic commerce contributes to the diversification of forms of commodities trading business to meet consumer demand for consumer goods. Service fast delivery from Vietnam to Germany was no stranger to everyone present. Customers come to us for company KTO Logistics are most satisfied in quality quick service, as well as the most competitive prices by a staff of professional, dynamic, knowledgeable about the market.


International express delivery of goods and documents to Germany
– Send correspondence, records, vouchers to Germany
– Send the parcel to Germany
– Submit the goods or samples to Germany
– Send agricultural products, seafood to Germany
– Send handicraft goods to Germany

Time express goods to Germany
– Normally row Germany Courier went just 3-4 business days, can goods will come faster than expected. Complete schedule moving goods will be updated in the system and notify the customers until complete shipping process.
– Commitment to the customer’s goods will be sent to Germany during the day, without waiting for cargo consolidation to go as quickly as possible.
Freight charges to Germany.
Depending on the information each type of goods, size, weight, sent to different locations, please contact the customer directly with our staff to get accurate quotes.
– Quotations Germany after the information about your shipment.

Why you should choose the express service of KTO Logistics to Germany?
– Consulting and packing free goods that economics, and the most beautiful
– Service 24/24 inside and outside working hours, receive goods at any location you requested
– Support the import procedures, export, temporary export for re-import procedure for goods sent for repair, the item does not require more complex documents related
– Keep tracking of the goods and provide information about the state of goods whenever you require.
– Cheapest Price service, the most prestigious quality

Notes: Instructions on how to calculate the volume of goods when international freight delivery
Under the provisions of the international courier industry, the volume of shipments will be calculated as follows:
– Weigh the actual weight (kg)
– Bulk density conversion:
Volume conversion volume (kg) = length (cm) x width (cm) x Height (cm) / 5000