The cost of the international courier

In the context of the country is integrating into the common market of the world series when signing trade agreements with a lot of potential markets, secure cargo delivery, quick, reasonable costs, international travel with many countries in the world that tend to stand out with the participation of many import and export enterprises, carriers. So in freight rates, freight costs constitutes cargo courier fees, international travel documents are what?

Cost of goods, vouchers sent international courier included

1. Charges major international courier

The main charges are charged by weight of a specific shipment, and varies by client / service / time-specific shipment.

2. The fuel surcharge international courier

This is mandatory expenses are charged to the cost of shipment and other surcharges. The fuel surcharge varies by month and depends on fuel price fluctuations world

3. The fee other international courier

Depending on the characteristics of each shipment, will have or not have some sort of following surcharges:

  • Surcharge handle large shipments;
  • Surcharge fix the wrong address;
  • Extended area surcharge;
  • Fee remote areas;
  • Fee-size packages;
  • Fee exceeds the maximum limit;
  • Residential surcharges;
  • Surcharge consignee refused to pay;
  • Fee paid for the shipment of goods can not be delivered;
  • Service fee Insurance valuable goods.

4. VAT in the international courier

VAT is calculated on the main charges and surcharges that all shipments that are applied.

The agreement applies: The cost of a shipment transported by the sender will pay when we arrived consignee or before delivery. Transportation costs do not include the cost of customs and import duties, the recipient will be responsible for paying these fees.

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