Useful website for market research

Market research is a top priority in the strategic development of the market, expanding the potential customers at home and abroad. You as individuals and businesses interested in research, seeking potential market, some sources may refer to the business to help achieve high efficiency.

ecvn Research information export supported for Vietnam enterprises with full market information, tools, market analysis, approach the consumer and export planning. 

intracen Research market information with 72 commodity groups included in the 5000 products. Aggregate trade statistics and market analysis tools to identify market trends and expand the world of business opportunities. Provide links to partners, market potential, the organization provides market research reports, and to a lot of sources of information relevant to the understanding, market research in each sector.

hrpc The leading non-profit activities for the sustainable development of the handicraft industry and the opportunity to develop the rural economy of Vietnam.

trademap Online database of trade statistics and trade barriers. For each product or a country, TradeMap may indicate: (i) Export turnover; (Ii) the volume; (Iii) the unit price; (Iv) growth trends; (V) market share …

macmap Suitable study on tariffs and barriers to market entry applies to 186 countries importing goods from 239 countries and territories around the world.

euromonitor research information on markets and consumer tastes.

europages Business Directory European markets

unctad International portal providers, research profiles, information on agricultural products, minerals, metals and beverages including: (i) the description and characteristics point products; (Ii) Quality; (Iii) the marketing chain; (Iv) Price; (V) export and import policy is concerned …

thomasnet Business listing in Europe and North America.

KTO Logistics will continue to update these documents to help their businesses can reach out to the world through good research potential markets.